Small words, big impact. 

Microcopy—what's that? 

Also known as UX writing, microcopy refers primarily to the small bits of text in digital products and interfaces (e.g., websites, apps, wearables, etc.) that, among other things, tell a user what information to type into a form and reassure her that her information was received after she hits SEND. Microcopy is one form of technical writing—it guides the user through interfaces and processes—but it also gives your business a chance to share your particular style and voice.

When you hire us to write the microcopy for your app or website, we'll talk about:

  • Voice and tone: All microcopy starts with voice and tone. How can we portray your brand correctly if we don't understand what you want to say and how you want to speak to your audience? We'll think about the pillars of your brand, your values, and your style.

  • Consistency: Microcopy is all about consistency—we won't call your X one thing here and another thing there, and we'll make sure that buttons and titles are all consistent in terms of capitalization and punctuation, along with style.

  • Flow: We'll look at every little screen and bit of text—from the buttons and titles to the placeholders in forms and the hover text—and even though we're not designers, once we understand your goals, we may offer our thoughts on the screens and design.

  • Outside perspective: We bring those new eyes you sometimes need to see your product from a user's perspective.

Some Clients

Want to see what it looks like? Check out some samples here.

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