An eye for editing. 

Put your best words forward. 

Despite its name, MeravWrites actually started with editing, when Merav began to do some academic editing on the side. When she quit her full-time job to run MeravWrites, editing was a core focus area. Merav has edited many books (including one that went on to be a National Jewish Book Award finalist), articles, reports, blogs, websites, emails, and more. She is the editor of an academic journal and a food website. 

While we do offer proofreading and line editing services, what we really shine at is editing with an oomph—editing that polishes your words until they sparkle. We'll be on the lookout for:

  • Typos: Did you mean to write "wired" or "weird"? What about that extra period? 
  • Grammar and punctuation: Is your comma placement right? Did you use a hyphen instead of an M-dash?
  • Sentence and paragraph flow and structure: Is that a run-on sentence? Can that paragraph be broken up into two? Would it make more sense to move this sentence up a few paragraphs? 
  • Formatting: Do you need to follow Chicago rules? APA? Some other style sheet or formatting guidelines? 

Some Clients

Almost ready to go to press? Reach out to get your text or manuscript into tip-top shape.